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Why Local, Why WW?

Small Business Doesn’t Mean Small Minded For over 90 years, WW Uniforms has been doing business our own way. We’re a family-owned company that truly cares about our customers – and we’re proud to offer the finest dry cleaning, laundry, and uniform and facility supply services. From delivery to billing, we pledge to provide you […]

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Beat the Heat With Uniforms from WW

We Help You Keep Your Cool When you provide a uniform for your employees, they are putting their trust in you to keep their needs and safety in mind. It’s your responsibility as a leader to understand the working conditions and requirements for your employees. Does your team need flame resistant gear? How cold or […]

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Start Summer Vacation Right With WW Uniforms

More than Maintenance Maintaining schools is more than just taking care of a building. Our school maintenance employees work hard to  make sure that the students have a clean and safe environment to learn and grow in. This has never been more important than it is now. Restrooms should be held to the same level […]

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Automotive Uniforms from WW Uniform Service

Automotive Uniforms to Keep Your Team Looking and Feeling Their Best For three generations, WW Uniform Service has provided Connecticut and the surrounding areas (including the five boroughs of New York) with full-service linen and uniform options. Founded in a time when the Model-T was the main (and only) car that Americans could purchase, we […]

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How We Keep Uniform Rentals Clean and Green

How We Keep Uniform Rentals Clean and Green Being Green – It’s A Way of Life At WW Uniform Service, having clean and green uniforms isn’t just a practice on Earth Day, we are committed to that practice every day. By being a uniform company that dedicates itself to bringing you sustainability, not only are […]

Challenges That Businesses Face in Uniform Management

Challenges That Businesses Face in Uniform Management

The Greatest Challenge We Have Overcome in the Uniform Management Industry In general, local uniform providers face a variety of challenges, and it certainly has shown over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. No matter the challenges we face at WW Uniform Service, we have delivered the same high quality of service that has kept […]

Love Is In The Air

How To Show Your Employees You Appreciate Them

Employees Are The Bedrock of Your Business With Valentine’s Day around the corner, you are probably thinking about how to improve your relationship or make it even better than it already is. When you are running a business, it is important to have good relationships with your employees to help your business remain a smooth […]

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Top 3 Things To Consider When Changing Uniform Providers

If you want 2022 to be the best year for your business yet, changing uniform providers is a little change that can make a big difference. While the idea of change can be scary, if you’re feeling unhappy or unheard by your current uniform provider, making the change is worth it. Whether you are looking […]

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Floor Mats

What Can Floor Mats Do For Your Facility? Floor mats may seem like a simple product with one basic, obvious use, when in fact there are many benefits to having floor mats in your facility. Besides stopping dirt, water, and other debris from being brought in from the outdoors which could make your facility appear […]