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Manufacturing Uniforms

At WW Uniform Service, we recognize the significance of prioritizing safety and efficiency in manufacturing facilities. Our commitment to outfitting your employees in uniforms that adhere to the latest safety standards means your workforce can work confidently, knowing they are well-protected. 

Experience worry-free deliveries when you partner with us. Our RFID tracking system guarantees accurate and on-time uniform deliveries. With us, you can confidently trust that your workforce’s attire is well-maintained and will be ready for any task.

WW Uniform Service for Manufacturing Businesses

In manufacturing, uniforms aren’t just about professionalism; they are a vital safety measure. When employees work with heavy machinery or in dimly lit areas, their uniforms serve as a primary layer of protection. Our range of garments adheres to strict criteria for high visibility, flame resistance, and other specifications, all while prioritizing durability and comfort. 

With WW Uniform Service, we handle the cleaning, maintenance, and repairs, ensuring that your uniforms consistently meet these essential safety standards.

Shop Towels, Floor Mats, and JanSan Supplies

Prevent dust and dirt in your building with facility supplies from WW. Our durable entry mats reduce tracked-in debris and prevent slips, enhancing safety for all who enter. Plus, our microfiber towels and mops collect more dust than regular cleaning cloths, providing an easy cleaning solution.

With WW as your partner, you can focus on your business while we handle the details that keep your facility clean and safe. Your WW Representative will ensure your restrooms stay well-stocked with essentials like toilet paper and paper towels, so you’re never caught unprepared.

Towels & Mops

Dust and dirt don’t stand a chance against our freshly laundered towels and mops! We offer wet mops, dust mops, fender covers, shop towels, and bar towels.

Microfiber Supplies

Upgrade your cleaning routine! Our microfiber mops and towels attract and hold dust, dirt, and grime.

Floor & Entry Mats

From entry mats and custom logo mats to anti-fatigue and slip-resistant, we’ve got the floor mat for your facility’s needs.

Janitorial Supplies

Maintain clean and stocked restrooms. Our weekly deliveries guarantee your facility is consistently supplied with essentials such as paper products & soap.