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Manufacturing Uniforms & Facility Supplies

Safety and efficiency are top priorities for manufacturing facilities – that’s why they turn to WW Uniform Service for uniform management and facility supply solutions. No matter the job your employees are doing, we will have them covered with uniforms that are up to date with the latest safety standards. From hardworking uniforms such as high visibility and flame resistant to work shirts, pants, and outerwear, your employees will look their best while never having to worry about safety.

Plus, when you use WW Uniform Service for your manufacturing uniforms, you can take advantage of our RFID control system. It allows us to track your uniforms through the cleaning and repair process, and guarantee the accuracy of your delivery - at no cost to you!

WW Uniform Service for Manufacturing Businesses

In manufacturing workplaces, uniforms not only look professional – they can be life-saving. If your employees are working with heavy machinery or in dark or poorly lit facilities, their uniforms can be the first line of defense in keeping them safe. We offer a wide selection of garments that meet strict standards for high visibility, flame resistance, and other specifications. Not to mention all of our garments are made from durable, high-quality materials, keeping your employees' comfort in mind. At WW Uniform Service, we take care of their cleaning, maintenance, and repairs so you can rest assured that your garments will always meet those crucial safety standards.

Shop Towels, Floor Mats, and JanSan Supplies for Manufacturing Businesses

Dust and dirt are a part of life, but they have no place in your building. Especially in an industrial setting, dirty facilities pose a particular threat to your employees' safety. Durable entry mats minimize what gets tracked in and slippery spots, keeping everyone that enters your facilities a little bit safer. Our high-quality towels, mops, and cleaning supplies will help you keep your workplace looking great and everyone inside it safe and healthy.

Your WW Representative will also keep your restrooms stocked with toilet paper, paper towels, and other necessities that tend to get overlooked until it becomes an emergency.