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Local vs. National: The Difference is in the Details

When you partner with a local business, you’re getting local values. Which means you’re putting your dollar back into your community and helping it grow into the place you want it to be. How does that happen exactly? We’ll break it down for you.

When you choose a local business over a national one, great things can happen for your community! 

  • Area businesses and local service providers are able to grow, as is the area's tax base.
  • We purchase more of our own goods locally, which means your dollar isn’t just going to WW–it’s directly impacting the local economy.
  • It’s reducing the environmental impact; less transportation of uniforms when everything is local. Less congestion and air pollution! WW also consciously practices sustainability in the workplace to reduce our carbon footprint. 
  • You’re helping create new jobs! Locally-owned businesses are the largest employers in the US.
  • We’re a family business, and we are all invested in our city's future.
WW Local Vs National Charts - Redone from CSC (4) (1)
local vs national chart 1
WW Local Vs National Charts - Redone from CSC (5) (1)

What Does This Mean For You?

Partnering with a local business means you will find yourself more satisfied with our service and products than you’d find at a national company. WW provides high-quality customer service and fair billing with no hidden costs. Your employees will find our fabrics to be well-suited and the most comfortable fit, and you’ll always find your delivery to be on time and complete. 

Try out WW, and you’ll see all the difference is in the details.

Associations and Memberships

What else sets WW apart is our long-standing relationships. Our place in the community is important, and we are committed to a number of associations and local chambers, including:

TRSA, CSC Network, Dry Cleaning and Laundry Institute, Apparel Services Network, Better Business Beauru,  Quinnipiac Chamber of Commerce, and the Midstate Chamber of Commerce.

WW is also a Gurtler Certified Hygienically Clean Industrial HACCP Complaint facility.