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Hygienically Certified Food Service Uniforms

Provide exceptional service to your guests every day. WW Uniform Service is here to enhance your customer experience through our premium uniform management services. Our meticulous laundering process for food service uniforms adheres to exceptional hygiene and sanitization standards, ensuring they’re always in prime condition for use.

Food Service Uniforms from WW Uniform Service

Keeping your staff in on-brand uniforms creates a cohesive, professional appearance and boosts morale. With our uniform management program, every staff member receives the correct number of garments needed, tailored for a perfect fit. We’ll pick them up, clean, inspect, and repair them as needed, and return them to you each week. Our RFID tracking ensures no garment ever gets misplaced or left behind.

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Food Service Garments



Black and white chef coat rentals

Chef Coats & Pants

Restroom and Cleaning Supplies

Let WW handle your cleaning and restroom supplies. We’ll assess your requirements and guarantee a consistent stock of essentials like hand soap, paper towels, and laundered mops. 

Additionally, we can take the hassle out of in-house bar towel management. Our high-quality towels are professionally cleaned, neatly folded, bundled, and promptly delivered to you weekly.

Kitchen Towels

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Microfiber Supplies

Microfiber Cleaning Supplies

Floor Mats

Kitchen & Bar Mat

Janitorial Supplies

Janitorial & Restroom Supplies