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Our Sustainability Practices

Importance of Sustainability

Sustainability is more than just “reduce, reuse, and recycle.” In our day-to-day, we rarely think about how normal actions can impact sustainability. From the textiles we purchase to conserving our energy consumption, we can all do our part to be more sustainable. That’s why at WW Uniform Service, we are dedicated to giving a sustainable uniform rental program through the sustainable programs we are a part of and the policies we follow.

Why You Should Work With A Sustainable Company

Companies that are committed to delivering high-quality products are more likely to be conscious of how sustainable their practices are. A dedication to delivering high-quality products and sustainability means not only are you getting the best out of the company product-wise, but you are also working with a company that cares more than just the business side of things.

Sustainable Programs and Policies

When you work with WW Uniform Service, you can trust that you are working with a company that is committed to sustainability and we take it quite seriously. As stewards of our environment, our many green sustainability initiatives include:


We actively work to recycle cardboard and plastics, including hangers and poly bags. Through this initiative, we recycle 35,000 to 45,000 hangers each week.

Biodegradable Soaps

All of our soap products are free of APEs, NPEs, EDTAs, and phosphates. Our detergents are naturally based, sustainable, and have been thoroughly lab tested.

Reduced Water & Energy Use

We use computer-controlled washers and high-efficiency lighting throughout our facilities, and we recycle more than 30% of our water.

Clean Water Act (CWA) Compliance

WW Uniform Service holds permanent wastewater permits with the EPA.

Sustainability Is All In The Details

At WW Uniform Service, our difference is in the details when it comes to sustainability. To see that difference, and to work with a local uniform provider that cares about the environment, contact us today!