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Beat the Heat With Uniforms from WW

We Help You Keep Your Cool

When you provide a uniform for your employees, they are putting their trust in you to keep their needs and safety in mind. It’s your responsibility as a leader to understand the working conditions and requirements for your employees. Does your team need flame resistant gear? How cold or hot is it? Will they need high visibility wear?

It's All About the Material

During the summer months it is common for employees to be in a warm environment during the work day, indoors or outdoors. That’s why WW Uniform Service offers a variety of fabrics, colors and styles. Our fabric options vary from waterproof/ water-resistant, windproof, insulated, and high-visibility colors and strips. 

Providing the tools needed to be comfortable during the work day are important for employee satisfaction and retention. According to this Harvard business study, the employee environment plays an important role in why employees choose to stay at a job. 

A good way to stay cool in the heat is to wear loose fitted clothing to allow for air flow and heat dissipation. At WW Uniform Service, we offer just that – plus the added bonus of the ability to customize the uniforms to fit your company’s branding.

Keeping Cool Goes Beyond the Uniforms

Ensuring that your employees stay cool and safe during the hot summer months is more than just the uniforms they wear. Some of the other important steps to staying cool in the heat include: 

  1. Drink water regularly
  2. Wear sunscreen if outside
  3. Take breaks in air conditioned or cooler areas
  4. Make sure your team has training on what heat-related illnesses look like

It is crucial for you and your company to have a plan in place to treat heat related illnesses. This includes knowing where to go to cool down and  how to cool someone down who is experiencing heat illness.

We’ll Take Care of the Laundry!

With your weekly product or uniform delivery, we will take soiled and damaged materials and replace them, without you even needing to ask. Plus, our laundry process uses only biodegradable soaps that are free of APE’s, NPE’s, EDTA and phosphates. Our detergents are naturally based and have been through a rigorous testing process.

Tired of Overheating?

If you and your team are tired of sweating the summer away, give us a call to outfit your team with cool uniforms from WW Uniforms!