Show Your Employees You’re Grateful By Giving Them High-Quality Uniforms

It’s the holiday season, and we’re starting to make our gift wish lists! 

Have you thought about what you’re gifting your employees this year? Another holiday bonus? Paid time off? A certificate to the jelly of the month club? How about the gift of high-quality uniforms from WW?! 

Start the new year knowing your team will be a little safer by renting from WW. We offer custom-branded high-quality garments for a number of businesses. From aprons to outerwear, you can find everything your employees need.

Season of Giving

It’s proven that when an employee is shown appreciation by their boss, they are more likely to show a better work ethic and improve productivity. A simple thank you goes a long way, but you can do more than that! The holiday season is a great opportunity to set time aside and think about ways to give back to those who have helped your business grow this year.

Not only do we do coveralls and lab coats, but WW also provides custom-branded apparel and accessories! We can do jackets, hats, crewnecks, and more, all with your company logo! Get your team new company swag; show your employees you’re proud to have them sporting your brand.

WW garments all contain an RFID tracking chip to ensure correct tracking and complete delivery. So if you’ve had a frustrating experience with a uniform rental company before, there’s no need to worry with us. Your uniform rentals will be delivered quickly and completely–like Saint Nick himself! 

Have a Happy and Safe Holiday From WW

Let us check one thing off your list for you, and give your employees something they’ll use all year round. When you partner with WW uniforms, you’re getting a gift that’ll keep on giving! 

Don’t wait much longer–it’ll be Christmas before you know it! Contact us today!