Safety Uniforms to Protect the Entire Team

Wallingford is home to many industries and companies that require safety uniforms. We are a local provider right in your community who can provide a diverse range of durable safety uniforms. Our extensive lineup includes high-visibility and flame-resistant garments, ensuring your employees are equipped to tackle any job site with confidence and protection.

Plus, our 100 years of being in business have taught us a thing or two about how to build good relationships with our customers. Missed deliveries and clueless reps? Not with WW.

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Why Partner with WW Uniform Service for Your Safety Uniform Needs?

Choosing the right uniform rental provider is key to maintaining a safe, compliant, and efficient workplace. Here's why WW Uniform Service is the ideal choice for your safety uniform requirements:

  • Compliance With Industry Standards

    Our safety uniforms meet all the latest safety standards set by regulatory bodies. From OSHA compliance to ANSI requirements, our products keep your team safe and visible.

  • Seamless Inventory Management

    Our RFID Smart Garment Tracking system makes it simple to keep track of your products. This means that every employee always gets the right garments. This efficient system eliminates confusion and ensures that your team always has the appropriate safety uniforms.

  • Personalized Service

    Your dedicated route representatives will stay consistent. This helps us understand the needs of your business and employees. We can then tailor a program that is specific to your requirements. This personalized approach fosters ease and satisfaction, allowing you to focus on your core operations.

  • Convenience and Efficiency

    Our rental programs are an easy solution for you to provide to your team members to have the right amount of clothing for each shift, plus one extra. Our processes minimize downtime and provides your workforce with clean, functional attire.

Experience the Difference in the Details with WW

By partnering with WW Uniform Service for your safety uniform needs, you can rest assured that your business operations will run smoothly, efficiently, and in full compliance with the highest safety standards. Trust us to provide the superior protection and professional appearance your workforce deserves.

Uniform Programs for Safety Apparel

Need something more specific? Get more info about our safety uniforms by visiting these pages:

Discover the Difference of a Local Provider

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Brand Building

We help you select the right look for your uniform program from a wide array of fabric, color, and style choices.

Brand Building

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We personally measure each employee to ensure a comfortable and accurate fit.


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We issue the appropriate number of garments to each individual (usually one change of uniform per day).


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Our RFID Smart Garment Tracking ensures each employee receives the right garments, every time, guaranteed.


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We replace garments when they become worn or when a size change is necessary so that your uniforms always look fresh.


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You can feel good partnering with a local, family-owned business committed to your region's success.