RFID Smart Garment Tracking for Uniform Management

In the fast-paced uniform rental industry, accuracy and efficiency are essential. At WW, we’ve raised the bar by utilizing RFID (radio frequency identification) Smart Garment Tracking. Say goodbye to lost or misplaced uniforms, with our RFID system you can expect nothing less than 100% accurate tracking and delivery, every time.

What is RFID Tracking?

Small yet mighty, RFID chips are game-changers in uniform management. Each garment in our inventory is equipped with a unique RFID tag, no bigger than a dime, seamlessly integrated behind the manufacturer’s label. Think of it as “Find My Uniform” - a way to monitor and organize your rental inventory with accuracy.

WW Uniform Service RFID smart garment tracking

The RFID Advantage

Our RFID tracking control system streamlines every step of the uniform cycle, from cleaning and repairs to delivery. With strategic planning and technology, we guarantee flawless uniform distribution, ensuring your team always has what they need and looks their best.

Our RFID Process in 5 Steps

Scan In

After we pick up your uniforms, the garments are scanned and electronically sorted by color, fabric, and soil content. The garments are counted and weighed to the correct level to ensure proper care during the wash cycle.

Clean & Hand

The garments are loaded into the washer and the operator enters a cleaning formula specifically designed for that load. All garments are placed on hangers and sent to the finishing tunnel, which completes the drying process and removes wrinkles.

Two-Step Sort

After being cleaned, garments are electronically sorted in a two-phase process. First, all garments are scanned and sorted, customer orders are bundled, and any customer requests are printed out and attached to the corresponding items. Next, the individual garments are sorted onto the separate rails in preparation for our line inspection process.

Inspect & Repair

As the garments move on to our inline inspection and repair station, an inspector performs a thorough inspection of each item. All necessary repairs - both those marked on customer requests and those proactively identified - are immediately made.

Bundle & Scan

Finally, each bundle is checked against the original count to ensure accuracy. In the event of a garment getting out of order, the bundle scanner will identify a missing or extra item.

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Online Account Management: Convenience at Your Fingertips

At WW, we’ve simplified the uniform service management experience with our user-friendly online portal. No more sifting through piles of paperwork or endlessly searching for information, we keep everything you need in one place. With the online portal, you can effortlessly oversee aspects of your account, such as, managing employee usage, staff lists, expenditures, and more with just a few clicks.