Keep Your Crew Safe with High Visibility Clothing

Do you have employees who work in low-light conditions or busy traffic areas? If you're responsible for their safety, keeping them visible is top priority. We provide a range of high-visibility uniforms and enhanced-visibility apparel designed to help your crew stand out and be clearly seen in hazardous environments.

ANSI-Compliant Hi Vis Workwear

Many industries like construction, automotive, and utilities, require high visibility apparel that meets the American National Standards for High Visibility Safety Apparel. Our high-vis garments check all the boxes:

Bright colors

Reflective striping

Durable quality built to maximize visibility

Plus, we stay up-to-date on all requirements and regulations and make adjustments when necessary, meaning your crew will have the best products no matter what.

high visibility uniforms

Enhanced Visibility Options for Any Weather

From lightweight high-vis t-shirts for summer heat to heavy waterproof outerwear for winter weather, our enhanced visibility apparel selections will protect your team on any job.



high visibility vest


short sleeve high visibility

Short Sleeves

long sleeve high visibility

Long Sleeves

Unmatched Service and Quality

Count on our decades of industry knowledge to know how to handle the cleaning of your high visibility gear, keeping it bright and effective. Our all-inclusive uniform rental program takes care of everything from sizing and laundering to repairs and deliveries. This allows you to dedicate more time to your core operations, helping them run smoothly and safely.

Discover the Difference of a Local Provider

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Brand Building

We help you select the right look for your uniform program from a wide array of fabric, color, and style choices.

Brand Building

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We personally measure each employee to ensure a comfortable and accurate fit.


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We issue the appropriate number of garments to each individual (usually one change of uniform per day).


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Our RFID Smart Garment Tracking ensures each employee receives the right garments, every time, guaranteed.


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We replace garments when they become worn or when a size change is necessary so that your uniforms always look fresh.


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You can feel good partnering with a local, family-owned business committed to your region's success.