Premium Jackets and Outerwear for Work

Does your team work out in the elements? Make sure they stay safe and comfortable on the job by providing them with custom-branded jackets or outerwear. We've got you covered with a variety of worker jackets and outerwear, including waterproof/water-resistant, windproof, fleece-lined, and insulated garments.

As a Connecticut-based local business, we know the East Coast weather can be unpredictable. Rather than cover up your company logo with a personal jacket, outfit your team with custom-branded worker jackets and gear to be comfortable in any condition.

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Unbeatable Protection

Elevate safety measures in high-traffic, dark, or low-light conditions with our high-visibility outerwear for work collection, featuring reflective strips and hi-vis colors.

Our flame-resistant outerwear line is engineered to provide an extra layer of protection against fire hazards. Crafted from specialized materials, these outerwear options are specifically designed to resist ignition and effectively limit the spread of flames.

Branded Outerwear for Work

Don't miss the opportunity to promote your business even in colder months. With our custom work outerwear, your company logo will remain visible. We have the capability to personalize a variety of outerwear such as:

high visibility vest

Worker Jackets / Windbreakers / Vests

lab coats

Lab / Counter / Shop



long sleeve high visibility


Explore our diverse range of attire and protective gear tailored for indoor work settings. From professional lab coats to food service aprons, we've got you covered with options designed to meet your industry's specific needs.

Discover the Difference of a Local Provider

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Brand Building

We help you select the right look for your uniform program from a wide array of fabric, color, and style choices.

Brand Building

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We personally measure each employee to ensure a comfortable and accurate fit.


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We issue the appropriate number of garments to each individual (usually one change of uniform per day).


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Our RFID Smart Garment Tracking ensures each employee receives the right garments, every time, guaranteed.


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We replace garments when they become worn or when a size change is necessary so that your uniforms always look fresh.


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You can feel good partnering with a local, family-owned business committed to your region's success.