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More Than Just What You Wear

When it comes to food processing and healthcare industries, safety must be a top priority in every aspect of the process. From start to finish, door to door, every detail needs to be managed. As much as safety, cleanliness, and availability of PPE were important before COVID-19, it takes on a whole new meaning in the wake of the pandemic. Here at WW Uniform Service, our products and services have always been the top priority and that’s only increased over the past two years

The Importance of Safety in Healthcare

It comes as no surprise that the importance of safety protocols in healthcare has increased and changed in a post-COVID outbreak world. According to an article from the World Health Organization, the importance of increasing both physical and mental health of healthcare employees is a legal and moral responsibility. At WW Uniforms, we think healthcare workers should focus on their patients and themselves, and not have to worry about having dirty – and therefore unsafe – scrubs, lab coats, towels, and other garments.

Keep Healthcare Workers Safe to Keep Patients Safe

A partnership with WW Uniform Services ensures you’re not only provided with the best in uniforms and products but fully stocked as well. We offer dependable and cost-effective healthcare uniform services with friendly customer service. We provide full-service uniform management services too, which frees staff to focus on the truly important aspects of the job.

Plus, our laundering process is comprehensive and thorough, ensuring that your garments are hygienically clean, safe, and returned to you like new.

The concept is simple: if the people providing the care are safe, those they’re caring for will also be safe. It may sound like a no-brainer, but in the fast-paced medical industry, protocols, policies, and opportunities change quickly. That’s why you’ve got to be prepared. That’s why you’ve got to choose WW Uniforms.

The Importance of Safety in Food Processing

When was the last time you thought about who packaged the food you buy at the grocery store? We often take for granted the cleanliness and safety of a sealed package of food – but not at WW Uniforms. We offer a variety of food processing uniforms that are safe, comfortable, and meet the strict HACCP and FDA compliance standards.

In addition to providing a variety of non-constrictive uniforms with the ability to be customized with your company’s brand, they are also Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) compliant. Our products are made with fabrics that can withstand our intense laundering process, guaranteeing sanitized and safe garments every time.

Safety Goes Beyond Uniforms

Not only do we handle uniform rental and lease options, but cleaning supplies, floor mats, and more. Whether working from a small doctor’s office or a large health system to huge food processing plants and local butcher shops, we can provide what you need.

From the first step, our entry mats trap dirt and dust from coming into the building. Replaced and cleaned often, mats also prevent slips and accidents. Additional cleaning supplies include mops, paper towels, toilet paper, soap dispensers, hand soap, and other daily necessities.


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