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Always in Stock: Managed Facility Supply Program with WW Uniforms

A clean, organized facility makes a lasting impression on customers and employees. That’s why having a reliable supply program is crucial for maintaining your brand image and demonstrating your commitment to quality. Does your current uniform provider make sure your facility service products are always in stock? At WW Uniforms, we go beyond being uniform experts – we specialize in providing facility services and supplies

Our experts monitor inventory, handle routine maintenance of supplies, and proactively restock your essentials such as floor mats, towels, and mops. With WW as your trusted partner, you can focus on core business operations while we ensure your facility runs smoothly day in and day out. 

The 4 Core Facility Supplies That Impact Your Business

1. Floor Mat Rentals

Floor mats play a vital role in any facility. They are important for safety, reducing fatigue, and improving the look of your building, so it’s crucial to maintain them properly. Opting for a rental service ensures regular laundering and replacements, guaranteeing you a steady supply of clean mats. 

WW’s range of mats caters to diverse facility needs: 

  • Slip-resistant options
  • Water-absorbent mats
  • Mats designed to attract oil 
  • Logo mats
  • Anti-fatigue varieties 
  • Entryway mats
  • Walk-off mats 


2. Mop Rentals

Maintaining clean floors significantly impacts any establishment, and a dirty business space doesn’t go unnoticed by customers. Considering the constant flow of people, floors tend to quickly gather dust, dirt, and debris, leading to build-up. Thankfully, our mop rental program offers a solution to this challenge. Plus, we handle the laundering of mops, ensuring they remain clean and ready for usage.


3. Towel Rentals

Always have a ready supply of fresh towels with a towel rental program. We wash each account’s towels separately to avoid contamination. Then we group them by size, wrap them tightly, and return them to you in perfect condition. Our towels are made specifically for your industry including bar towels, shop towels, and microfiber towels.  


4. Restroom Supplies 

Maintaining a clean restroom is important for both employees and customers. Keep your facility consistently stocked with restroom essentials such as paper towels, air fresheners, and soap. We handle weekly restocking and monitoring for you, so you don’t have to worry about managing it yourself.


Facility Services to Keep Your Business Running Smoothly 

Don’t waste time and energy handling facility supply logistics yourself. With WW overseeing your facility supplies, you can be confident your space will remain clean, stocked, and presentable at all times. Reach out to us today to equip your business with our range of mats, microfiber products, restroom essentials, and more.