How WW Uniforms is Eco-Friendly – and How You Can Be Too!

How WW Uniforms is eco-friendly

Green Initiatives. Clean Uniforms. 

At WW Uniform Service, we care about our community and being green as a way of life. We are conscious of our sustainability principles and practices and deliver high-quality services to our community. When you work with WW, you can trust that you are working with a company committed to being eco-friendly. 

Our Green Initiatives:

As stewards of our environment, our many green initiatives include:

  • Recycling: From plastic and cardboard to hangers and poly bags, we recycle whenever possible. 
  • Biodegradable soaps: All of our detergents are naturally based, sustainable, and free of APEs, NPEs, EDTAs, and phosphates.
  • Reduced water & energy use: We use computer-controlled washers and high-efficiency lighting throughout our facilities, which results in 30% of our water is recycled.
  • Clean Water Act (CWA) compliance: WW Uniform Service holds permanent wastewater permits with the EPA.

NYC Agrees With Us 

Sustainability principles and practices are equally vital to the citizens of New York City. Known for its opportunities and busy streets, with a population of over 8 million, the city has a lot of influence over the surrounding communities, such as Connecticut, our home state. It’s inspiring to us how committed the city is to act in an eco-friendly way, creating a more sustainable future for all residents.

NYC faces a variety of environmental challenges, some of which include:

  1. Air pollution: The city has a high level of air pollution, which can contribute to health programs such as asthma and heart disease.
  2. Climate change: As a coastal city, New York is vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, such as rising sea levels, more frequent and intense storms, and heat waves. 
  3. Energy consumption: The high demand for energy in New York City leads to a significant amount of greenhouse gas emissions. 

Notable NYC Green Initiatives

In recent years, NYC has made significant strides in improving sustainability principles and practices in the city. Eco-friendly residents want to be more resilient to climate change by restoring and protecting the city’s green spaces. 

  • The Climate Mobilization Act (2019)
    • This new law expects to reduce cumulative emissions from large buildings by at least 40% citywide by 2030 through building retrofits. 
  • The Green New Deal (2019)
    • The proposal aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.
    • It includes measures such as expanding renewable energy, reducing emissions from buildings and transportation, and investing in green jobs.

We Can All Be Eco-Friendly

Like us, NYC actively strives to act in an eco-friendly way every day of the year. Businesses, big or small, can all benefit from following sustainable principles and practices. No matter what industry you’re in, it is essential to have green initiatives. We can all do our part to save our planet, including you!

Renewable Energy

Energy sources that can be replenished naturally and sustainably, such as solar, wind, and hydro energy are a great solution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and mitigating climate change. NYC has invested in nearly 100 onshore solar, wind and hydro, and offshore projects. Plus, businesses that utilize renewable energy produce less greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels and reduce air pollution. Here are a few ways you can use renewable energy in your own home:

  • Install solar panels in your home or sign up for community solar, where you can share the output of a larger solar farm with members of your community.
  • Invest in green energy providers, including wind power. 
  • Choose an electric vehicle or ditch the car altogether and rely on public transportation, biking, or walking.
  • Switch to using energy-efficient appliances, such as air source heat pumps or smart thermostats.

Recycling and Zero Waste

NYC has a comprehensive recycling program that collects a wide range of materials from homes, apartments, and businesses. Recycling can provide many benefits for businesses, such as cost savings and improved environmental image. Anyone can reduce, reuse, and recycle at home, and help bring the city closer to the goal of zero waste. NYC’s goal to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills by 90% by 2030 was derailed by COVID-19, but that doesn’t mean we should give up! Here are some ways you can implement zero waste in your home:

  • Invest in reusable water bottles and shopping bags
  • Avoid single-use plastic and pre-packaged produce
  • Support your local farmer or food provider
  • Make sure you recycle whenever possible
  • Check out your local thrift or consignment shops for clothing, and donate your unused clothes rather than throwing them out

We understand that totally eliminating waste is easier said than done, but don’t forget about biodegradable products! They are designed to break down naturally in the environment, typically through the action of microorganisms, without leaving any harmful residue behind. 

Green Spaces

The city’s Green Spaces include public parks, gardens, and other outdoor areas! Not only do they provide important ecosystem services like air and water filtration for urban areas, but they also bring some color and life to the busy city streets. Did you know that NYC has invested in urban forestry to help absorb carbon dioxide and reduce air pollution? There are many city-wide initiatives to increase and enhance our green spaces, and here’s how you can help:

  • Pick up trash on the ground the next time you go to the park, or get with a group of friends to regularly pick up litter in our green spaces
  • Plant a garden on your porch this summer – flowerpot gardens still contribute
  • Volunteer with local organizations like GrowNYC to help build and maintain green spaces

We Have Green Uniforms For You!

At WW Uniform Service, we value our earth and our community and always attempt to take part in many green initiatives. Work with a local uniform provider who is truly eco-friendly. Contact us today!

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