How Clean Schools Create the Best Learning Environment

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It’s a busy time of year with students and teachers headed back to school. It’s easy for classrooms to get dirty quickly, and become a space where germs can easily spread. Keeping students and staff at the school safe and healthy is critical. A clean space allows for easier concentration, fewer sick days, and overall a safer environment. 

Benefits of a Clean School 

With students and staff interacting in close quarters, the potential for germs to spread becomes a concern. Fortunately, our microfiber towels are crafted to speed up the cleaning process and capture more germs than regular cotton cloths. This not only safeguards the well-being of both teachers and students but also ensures minimal disruptions to the learning process.

A clean and tidy school environment sets the stage for effective learning and makes it easier to concentrate. Allergies can be a significant hindrance to effective learning, especially when triggered by elements like mold and dust mites commonly found in less-than-sanitary environments. By upholding cleanliness standards, schools can help alleviate allergy-related discomforts, along with other distractions. 

According to a study conducted through the Center for Facilities Research at APPA, 78% of the students surveyed stated that their school’s cleanliness directly affected their health. Students reported that the cleanliness of their school affected their allergies, spreading germs, and higher stress levels. 

Keep Hallways Clear

Hallways are the highways of any school experiencing constant traffic. School floors can become dirty quickly, and it’s essential to keep them clean, or they can easily become hazardous. Utilizing proper floor mats and mops can help reduce these risks. 

Floor Mats

Internal and external mats keep dirt and other debris under control. Plus, when students start tracking in wet shoes from rain or snow it can become extremely hazardous, utilizing scraper mats reduces the impact of slippery floors. Welcome students and staff at the door and show school pride with a customized logo entrance mat.


Dry mops and wet mops are a necessity in any learning facility. Our microfiber mops effectively trap dust and dirt making cleaning more efficient. Plus, with frequent laundering, your mops will always be fresh and ready. 


Fight against germs by strategically placing hand sanitizing stations and soap dispensers to encourage regular use. By establishing several opportunities to maintain clean, sanitized hands, you’ll keep everyone who enters your school healthy and happy. Our facility services provide weekly replenishments, ensuring a safe and healthy space by always staying stocked on the essentials. Ready to establish a clean and productive learning environment? Contact us today!

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