Challenges That Businesses Face in Uniform Management

uniform management industry

The Greatest Challenge We Have Overcome in the Uniform Management Industry

In general, local uniform providers face a variety of challenges, and it certainly has shown over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. No matter the challenges we face at WW Uniform Service, we have delivered the same high quality of service that has kept us going for over 90 years.

We're Up Against National Chains

As a locally-owned and operated uniform provider, WW Uniform Service is competing with large, nationwide providers. These bigger companies often lack the personal touch and attention to detail you get from a small, local business, and with many local providers being bought out by the big guys, it is easy to feel like you are stuck in a program you didn't sign up for. When you choose a uniform management program from WW Uniforms, you are in full control of your order. We cater to you, your employees, and your needs as a business.

If you are looking to switch from your national provider to a local provider like WW Uniform Service, check out what we offer with our uniform services and facility services. Just like your business, WW Uniform Service is more than just a uniform provider.

The Return on Investment

Are your uniform orders late, incomplete, or missing entirely? Are you getting complicated invoices for orders you didn't even receive? Are you tired of trying to get a hold of a real person only to get an automated phone tree? Then it is time to make the switch to WW Uniform Services.  The return on investment is well worth the switch!

A Real Person Picks Up The Phone

Do you find yourself calling your national provider's number only to be sent to a call center and going up the phone tree until you get to the person you want to speak with? Time is money, and when you have an issue with your uniform, you need it resolved ASAP.

When you call WW Uniform Service during the workday, you will have a real person answer the phone every time and will redirect you to the person you need quickly.

A WW Uniform Service Representative Every Delivery

When you take delivery of your uniforms or facility products, you will be greeted by the same route representatives every week. We want to ensure you get the personal attention you deserve every time you receive a delivery from us. Our representatives take the time to form relationships with customers, and pride themselves on a great delivery experience.

Local Pride

Servicing Connecticut and its surrounding communities, Rhode Island, and the five boroughs of New York have given us a sense of pride in east coast uniform management. When we work with local companies like yours, we know that we are helping support local businesses across the east coast. When you choose WW Uniform Service, that means you are helping support a local business and fellow member of your community. Local businesses are like family, and you will be treated as such when you are with WW Uniform Service.

Ready To Feel The Difference? Contact Us Today!

Is your national provider dragging you down? Do you want to see and feel the difference in the details? Give us a call, we are looking forward to hearing from you!

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