Missing Uniforms Means Missing Work

If you partner with an unreliable uniform rental service, you know that late or incomplete deliveries aren’t just a minor inconvenience, they hold up your entire business. 

Without a timely delivery, your team members are left without a uniform! This means they don’t have anything protecting them, so they can’t work! When you have one or more team members being affected by missing uniforms and the inability to work, this ultimately affects your bottom line. 

Ready to get rid of this headache? There is a better way to outfit your employees with a reliable uniform rental service. Do it the WW way! 

Who Else Can Track Their Pants?

After three generations in the business, we know customers hate surprises. When you partner with WW, you can have the confidence that you will receive your uniforms clean and complete each and every time. But what sets us apart from the other guys? How do we ensure our customers won’t have to deal with incomplete uniform orders? With the help of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)! 

With RFID smart tracking, we’ve almost eliminated the risk of missing uniforms. RFID is a control system that’s only about the size of a dime but identifies our entire uniform inventory which allows us to keep track of all the uniforms when they are in our warehouse. Check out our whole process here! 

  • Scan-in: After the uniforms are picked up, they are scanned and electronically sorted by fabric, color, and soil content. 
  • Clean and Hang: garments are loaded into the washer and the operator enters a cleaning formula specifically designed for that load.
  • 2-Step Sort: After being cleaned the uniforms are electronically sorted in a 2-phase process.
  • Inspect and Repair: As the garments move through our inline inspection and repair station, an inspector performs a thorough inspection of each item. 
  • Bundle and Scan: Finally, each bundle is checked against the original count to ensure accuracy. 

Great Uniforms Make Great Workers

When your team is outfitted in comfortable and complete uniforms, you’ll see a difference in their work ethic. When employees feel good, they work harder! 

Don’t have your employees miss out on another day of work. Make the switch today and see the WW difference in the details. Contact us today!