Why Local, Why WW?

WW Uniforms local since 1924

Small Business Doesn’t Mean Small Minded

For over 90 years, WW Uniforms has been doing business our own way. We’re a family-owned company that truly cares about our customers – and we’re proud to offer the finest dry cleaning, laundry, and uniform and facility supply services. From delivery to billing, we pledge to provide you with personalized service. 

Our beginnings were in laundry service, but that was just the beginning. Since our founding 1924 we have been innovating, growing, and expanding not only in size but in services and products provided. Our expansion now includes our three state-of-the-art plants that serve all of Connecticut. 

Our business offers both dry cleaning and a uniform rental service. So whether you own your own uniforms and need them cleaned, or are starting from scratch, WW Uniforms has what you need. 


Being sustainable is more than just reduce, reuse, recycle. It has to be ingrained in the company culture and an active mission. Committing to being sustainable means you are committing to giving your customers the best quality products and services. Our dedication to delivering high-quality products and sustainability means not only are you getting the best out of the company product-wise, but you are also working with a company that cares more than just the business side of things.

WW Uniforms is a local business, which means we are a part of your community and are dedicated to taking care of it. Sustainability being built into our business means that in every decision we make we take into account our effect on our environment and our community. 

The Truth about Small Businesses 

Unfortunately, about 20% of small businesses fail in their first year. When WW Uniforms was founded in 1924, we wanted to create something that would last beyond them and serve the community. Being a local business that has lasted nearly 100 years, we have learned a few things about what it means to serve our community and be a business that people can count on. Our facilities provide jobs to our communities, and are always looking for more talent

47.5% of people work in a local business, making tham an important part of the economy, that’s why WW Uniforms offers their employees all the benefits they could get at a big national company, without the need to relocate or become a cog in the machine. 

Rentals For The Win

Working with a local rental company not only saves you time, but it saves you money too! The start up and maintenance costs for doing your own laundry is expensive and time consuming. This includes: 

  1. Purchase the equipment for washing your laundry 
  2. Hire employees that will do the laundry and sort it back to the appropriate employee
  3. Maintain the equipment quality
  4. Purchase the uniforms and maintain a stock of uniforms 
  5. Hire employees to do repairs on uniforms 

While doing all of this by yourself is possible, it takes away more time and resources from providing the actual service or product you provide for your customers. Using a uniform rental company takes all of the responsibilities for maintaining uniforms and lets you focus on your business, while we provide your employees with comfortable and safe uniforms for whatever job they are doing. 


At WW Uniforms, we care about our employees and our customers by working with them in the way only local businesses can, with the quality that you expect from a national company. Contact us today to make the switch!

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