Floor Mats

floor mats

What Can Floor Mats Do For Your Facility?

Floor mats may seem like a simple product with one basic, obvious use, when in fact there are many benefits to having floor mats in your facility. Besides stopping dirt, water, and other debris from being brought in from the outdoors which could make your facility appear unclean, they also help to prevent slips, trips, and falls. If your employees are on their feet all day, anti-fatigue mats will bring relief to their feet and legs. Plus, when you choose WW Uniform Service for your mat rental program, you can build your brand with personalized floor mats.

What Types of Floor Mats Are Available?

When you sign up for a floor mat rental program with WW Uniform Service, you can choose from our large variety of floor mat options:

  • Slip-Resistant Mats
  • Water Hog Mats
  • Oil Magnet Mats
  • Customized Image & Logo Mats
  • Anti-Fatigue Mats
  • Walk-Off Mats (Scrapers & Wipers)
  • Entryway Mats

Benefits of Renting Floor Mats from WW Uniform Services

If your facility uses floor mats, you probably know that they take a beating, which results in the need for regular maintenance and care. When you rent your floor mats from  WW Uniform Service, your floor mats will be replaced on a regular schedule - so you can continue to rely on them, no matter what comes through your front door. With WW Uniform Service's unique floor mat cleaning services,  your rental mats are laundered with specialized ashing equipment to remove built-up soil and restore their appearance. Plus, when your mats become too worn out or damaged, WW Uniform Service will repair or replace them. If you buy your facility floor mats, let's face it, they will take a beating which results in regular maintenance and care.

Are you ready to outfit your business with new floor mats? Request a quote from us today and we will contact you to discuss the needs of your business and to create the perfect mat rental program for you!

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