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Automotive Uniforms to Keep Your Team Looking and Feeling Their Best

For three generations, WW Uniform Service has provided Connecticut and the surrounding areas (including the five boroughs of New York) with full-service linen and uniform options. Founded in a time when the Model-T was the main (and only) car that Americans could purchase, we have grown and changed with the times along with the rest of the country. Today, the options for choosing a car are seemingly endless, which means you want your automotive employees to look and feel their best so you can close that sale. That's why you need automotive and mechanic uniforms from WW Uniform Service!

Why Do I Need Uniforms?

Not only do uniforms create a sense of belonging for staff but it creates a professional and consistent brand. For automotive teams, that uniform lets employees on the sales floor stand out, while also providing the appropriate clothing for the rigorous demands of technicians.

Through our decades-long partnership with RedKap, the premier supplier of uniforms in the U.S., WW Uniform Service supplies durable automotive workwear and uniforms that work as hard as you do. They keep your team both safe and comfortable while contributing to a neat, professional appearance.

From the sales floor to the shop, we have uniforms for everyone on your team and will keep you covered from head to toe. At WW Uniform Service, we are proud to offer OEM branded uniforms such as Ford, Chevrolet, Volkswagen, Mopar, and more.

The Difference Between Us and Them? It's in the Details

So, how do we do it? With lots of experience in the business, WW Uniform Service knows what you need and how to provide it. As business owners ourselves we understand the many demands placed on you each day. For WW Uniform Service, we work hard for those who work hard. The difference between "us' and "them" is the details. WW Uniform Service customizes everything, from the actual uniform to how you receive that uniform. With a spectrum of sizes and plenty of options for everyone, your team will stand out from competition across the East Coast with your specific brand. 

What are you waiting for? Let WW Uniform Service take the wheel when it comes to outfitting your automotive employees and staff. Contact us today!


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